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Who are we ?

PSE Moving has assisted hundreds of Moroccans and expats with their relocation projects to and from Morocco over the course of 35 years. Our extensive experience has enabled us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing innovative solutions that are customized to each situation.
PSE Moving provides a wide range of quality relocation services, from packaging to customs formalities, including furniture storage.
PSE Moving’s qualified staff allows its customers to have a pleasant experience thanks to the technicality of its moving agents as well as its caring staff. Join us to benefit from these assets.

Our Services

Packing and unpacking: PSE Moving and all of its international partners select the appropriate packaging for your furniture and belongings to ensure maximum protection against vibrations and shocks. Various boxes, bubble wrap, care paper, and resistant covers... each item has its own packaging.
Handling Although professional packaging is essential, the risk of damage persists if the handling is subpar and the packages are not handled correctly. Our agents have acquired the valuable know-how and dexterity required for loading, unloading, unpacking, and setting up your belongings as a result of their extensive experience.
Transportation": Whether by land or sea, our primary goal is to provide our customers with the logistical options that best meet their needs. Our trucks are padded and meet the international standards required for customs-controlled international road transportation. The padding provides an additional layer of protection for your belongings against the risks of road transportation. In terms of maritime and multimodal transportation, we ask shipping companies to provide us with "padded bamboo containers," which are the most recent generation of containers.
Custom clearance: International transportation is closely related to customs clearance. To avoid any delays at the customs posts, we handle all formalities at the level of all Moroccan customs districts ourselves. Outside of Morocco, we are represented by appointed Shipping Agents, with whom we have worked for many years.
Tracking: With real-time tracking indicating the position of your container, you can follow the path of your most valuable objects at any time. This will allow you to efficiently organize the receipt of your move, avoiding any last-minute surprises.


Parce qu’on ne veut pas toujours partir au même temps que notre déménagement ou que l’on n’a pas encore trouvé de logement dans le pays de destination, nos solutions de stockage et de Garde-meuble sont parfaitement taillées pour vos besoins de temporisation de l’expédition.